How To Change Someone Else Behavior?

How To Change Someone Else Behavior?

No matter, whether you want your boyfriend to stop chewing with his mouth open or desire him to respond quickly to your messages, you will definitely find changing someone else behavior is a bit daunting task. For sure, you must not treat it as an impossible one as there are certain behaviors which you can change if efforts are made in the right direction.

How To Change Someone Else Behavior?1. Pinpoint the behavior – In order to start with you need to identify the exact behavior that you want to change in a person. When you are able to pinpoint the exact behavior if will become easier to find out ways of how you want to change it. Suppose if you want your girlfriend to be less annoying, it would be hard for you to say it straightaway. On the other hand, you can suggest your friend to not interrupt conversation which she is not part of.

2. Inform the person about bothering behavior – On most of the occasions; people are simply not aware of the fact how much their behavior bothers you. Always select a time when you are calm and when you can have a long conversation. Never try to raise your voice or shout at the person. Ideally, you need to convey your opinions about his or her behavior in a clear manner rather than hurting them with wrong words. Here are some dirty things to say to a guy.

3. Determine the true opinion of the person about odd behavior – Ultimately it is hard for you to forcefully change someone else behavior. You need to figure out whether the person is ready to change or he or she believes there is nothing wrong. Never ask the person openly rather than try to figure it out. For example, you can find out that person opinions on some topic and if the person responds with fixed answers, he or she is not ready to change.

4. Share information and try to encourage the person – Even if the person is fully aware of the fact that you don’t like his or her behavior still you should provide the information about the habits which irritates you the most. Suppose if the person likes to smoke, you can share information and narrate a story about how your uncle is facing some serious health issues due to smoking. Encouraging words do have the potential to produce better outcomes.

5. Always give positive feedback – Positive feedback will only encourage the person and make him feel more committed towards changing behavior. Few nice positive words will also improve your relationship and make him really feel comfortable with you. Yes on rare occasions you need to use the harsh words but they should motivate rather than resulting in stress.

Changing someone else behavior is only possible when you are able to convey your problem to that person in a proper manner. End positive results could only be achieved when the person is fully committed to change his or her behavior rather than continuing with irritating habits.

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